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Trinnov Audio

Trinnov Altitude32


Peerless in performance, configurability and sound quality, the Altitude32 remains the unchallenged reference processor for Immersive home theater systems. Nothing has been left to chance: high-channel count, huge processing power and exclusive patented technologies unleash the full potential of immersive sound, enabling all formats and the widest range of speaker layouts.


The hardware architecture of the Altitude32, unique among home theater processors, challenges the concept of obsolescence by enabling the integration of new technologies, new features, and product upgrades through a pure software implementation provided at no cost to Altitude owners. This is a truly sustainable product that gets better over time with the introduction of new features and a scalable, modular hardware design that enables easy system expansion up to the full channel counts of home Atmos and DTS:X and to a maximum of 64 outputs.

Its revolutionary hardware architecture runs not on the multiple sets of DSPs found on other processors but instead on a single multi-core Intel hardware platform and TrinnovOS operating system. This enables Trinnov to bring new technologies and features to market months and years ahead of competition.

You will find Altitude32 detail specification below. For a description of Trinnov Altitude Platform and its unique technologies and features, see Trinnov Audio introduction here.

Trinnov Altitude32


Object Based Decoding

Dolby Atmos® Native Decoding & Up-mix: Up to 34 discrete channels

Auro-3D® Native Decoding & Up-mix (Auromatic): Up to 13.1

DTS:X® Pro Native Decoding & Up-Mix: Up to 30.2

Speaker Layouts support: All

IMAX Enhanced: Yes

Channel Based Decoding

Dolby: Digital®, Digital Plus®, TrueHD®

DTS: Digital Surround®, High Res Audio®, HD Master Audio®

PCM: Up to 24 bits / 192 kHz

Roon: Yes

Channel Capabilities

Max Channels (version): 24+4 (16-24), 32+4 (24-32)

Max Optimizer Channels (version): 24+4 (16-24), 32+4 (24-32)

Max Subwoofers: 24+4 (16-24), 32+4 (24-32)

Max Crossovers 2/3/4 way (version): 14/9/7 (16-24), 18/12/9 (16-32)

Full Input / Output Matrix (all versions): Yes

Max configuration presets (all versions): 29

HDMI Connectivity

Output 1: HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2

Output 2: HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2

Inputs: 8

Maximum resolution: 4K UHD on all ins/outs

Maximum bandwidth: 18Gbps on all inputs

Frame rates supported: 24/25/30/50/60 fps (UHD) 120 fps (HD)

ARC / eARC: On Output 1

4K to 1080 Downscaling: On Output 1

OSD: Volume information displayed on-screen

Digital Audio Connectivity

S/PDIF Inputs: x4 (2 optical, 2 coaxial)

S/PDIF Outputs: x2 (1 optical, 1 coaxial)

AES3 Inputs (XLR): 2

AES3 Outputs (XLR): 1

AES3 Outputs (DB25): 16

AES3 Input Compliance: DCI

Audio Network: Dual ports (for future use)

Analog Audio Connectivity

Microphone input: 1x 5 Pin XLR for 3D Microphone

Balanced inputs: 2x Stereo XLR

Unbalanced inputs: 3x Stereo RCA, 1x 7.1 RCA

Balanced outputs: 16

Unbalanced outputs: 1x stereo RCA

DB25 Analogue outputs (version): 24 (16-24), 32 (24-32)

Audio Processing

Data precision: 64 bits, floating point

Max Sampling Rate (up to 24 channels): Native, up to 192kHz

Max Sampling Rate (up to 32 channel with +4 option): Native, up to 96kHz

Max Sampling Rate (above 24 channels): Native, up to 96kHz

Max Sampling Rate (above 32 channels): Native, up to 48kHz


Processor: Intel multi core hyper threaded

ADC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 bits/96 kHz

DAC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 bits/192 kHz

A/D Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 119 dB (A-Weighted)

D/A Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 118 dB (A-Weighted)

Reference Level: +18dBu @ 0dBFS (Balanced)

Clock / Jitter: attenuation > 50 dB above 100Hz

Cooling system: Custom heat sinks & silent fans

Safety Components: AntiPop relays on each output

Power Supply

Power requirement: 240V / 110V - 50 / 60Hz (Manual Switch)

Power consumption: 132W Max

Thermal conversion: 450 BTU/h Max

Mains fuse: 2A Slow Blow

Internal PSUs: Separated supplies for Audio and Processing

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 442 x 165 x 445

Shipping dimensions (L x H x P) cm: 74 x 59 x 30

Weight: 14.5kg

Shipping weight / volume: 22.2kg / 0.131M3

Rackmounting: 3.5U - Rack Ears Included


Standard Warranty: 5 years

Transferable: Yes

Warranty Extension Program: Yes

Chassis Color

Standard Color: Black

Optional Color: Silver

Additional Info

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