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Trinnov Altitude48ext

Altitude48ext to opcja dla najbardziej wymagających i złożonych systemów, pozwalająca na rozszerzenie ilości procesowanych kanałów ponad 36 obsługiwane przez Altitude32.

This unique solution makes it possible to enjoy a true cinematic experience where professional and consumer Dolby Atmos soundtracks can be played optimally across the same high-channel count speaker system, calibrated with Trinnov’s exclusive Optimizer technology.

Building on the unique decoding and rendering capabilities of the Altitude32, the Altitude48ext pushes the limit further with up to 48 individual decoded outputs and a total of 64 processing outputs.
The Altitude32 can be unlocked to deliver up to 48 individual outputs. This is made possible by enabling its 32 analog and 16 digital outputs simultaneously.

It allows – for the first time – users to experience the full Home Atmos experience with its 24.1.10 layout, while still allowing more possibilities in term of bass management or multi-amping and remapping.
However, that solution requires an AES multi-channel High-end DAC that could compete with Altitude’s own renowned DAC: Trinnov’s solution to that problem is Trinnov Altitude48ext.

Our world-renowned Optimizer technology is used in nearly 2,000 studios across the globe and almost 10,000 high-performance installations worldwide.
The Altitude48ext provides an extra 32 channels of Optimization, bring the total number of processing outputs to 64.
Including our exclusive semi-automatic Active Crossovers calibration, it is the perfect solution to drive large amounts of active speakers.
The increased number of processing channels can also be used to declare and align as many additional subwoofers as needed by your system.

You will find Altitude48ext detail specification below. For a description of Trinnov Altitude Platform and its unique technologies and features, see Trinnov Audio introduction here.

Trinnov Altitude48ext


Digital Audio Connectivity

Digital Inputs (DB25): x1 (16 channels)

Analog Audio Connectivity

Balanced Inputs (XLR): 8

Balanced Outputs (XLR): 8

Balanced Outputs (DB25): x4 (32 Channels)

Analogue DB25 Wiring: TASCAM Pinout

Audio Processing

Data precision: 64 bits, floating point


Processor: Intel Multicore CPU

Data Precision: 64 bits, floating point

ADC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 bits/48 kHz

DAC Resolution / Sampling Rate: 24 bits/48 kHz

A/D Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 119 dB (A-Weighted)

D/A Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 118 dB (A-Weighted)

Reference Level: +18dBu @ 0dBFS (Balanced)

Clock / Jitter: attenuation > 50 dB above 100Hz

Cooling system: Custom heat sinks & silent fans

Safety Components: AntiPop relays on each output

Power Supply

Power requirement: 240V AC / 50-60 Hz. Option: 130V AC

Power consumption: 90W

Mains fuse: 1A Slow Blow

Internal PSUs: Separated supplies for Audio and Processing

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions (W x H x D) mm: 442 x 102 x 438

Shipping dimensions (L x H x P) cm: 74 x 59 x 28

Weight: 10.2kg

Shipping weight / volume: 15.0kg / 0.131M3

Rackmounting: 2U - Rack Ears Included


Standard Warranty: 5 years

Transferable: Yes

Additional Info

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